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July 17, 2013 / Ang

Fun Facts

While I am indeed a POTS patient and that’s going to color my adventures that I’m chronicling – that’s not all I am. So I’m going to share random facts so that you realize I’m a person not just a patient.

  1. I crochet. A lot. If a friend or family member is having a baby the first thing I do is break out the softest yarn I can find and start a baby blanket. I’ve even been attempting to sell some of my crocheted goods at my town’s farmers’ market instead of just making things as presents.
  2. Yes, my town has a farmers’ market. I’m from a small town, I graduated from high school with less than 100 kids. It happens.
  3. I’m a dancer. I think all it takes to make you a dancer is a love of dance and a willingness to go out and do it. My main dance is WCS (West Coast Swing), and I’m so glad to be a part of PghWCS at Absolute Ballroom. The community is fantastic, I love the little family I’m starting to come into there.
  4. I was a bandgeek and played a clarinet that was almost taller than me (Eb Contraalto).
  5. I I love theater. In high school I participated in productions and now I go watch as many productions at my university as I can afford to.
  6. I’m an ally. Seriously – talk smack on my friends, refuse equal rights, etc – you’ll have a feisty blonde on your hands.
  7. I tried dying my hair red last fall and I was told by a professor that it was very fitting. I still can’t decide if he just means because I’m so pale that I look like a natural ginger (aside from the white eyebrows) or because I’m “a spitfire.”
  8. I’ve attempted to knit – I’m not nearly as successful with it as I am with my crocheting endeavors.
  9. Until further notice, my major is deaf education. That might be changed once I’m on my way back to school next spring, but for now it stays. And I’m considering trying to get a math certification as my secondary certification.
  10. I have a love of sign language and sometimes catch myself signing while talking without meaning to.
  11. I have a two-year-old niece and I adore her. She’s like a mini-adult some days, her mannerisms are just hilarious. And she’s about to become a big sister.
  12. If I ever reference “my kids” chances are I’m talking about students from a program I worked with last summer and at school this year – Upward Bound Math and Science. My kids are great and I can’t wait to see them develop into wonderful adults.
  13. I’m an Irish girl with a penchant for Italian food. Seriously, if you feed me chicken parmesan, chicken alfredo, manicotti, baked or fried ravioli, vegetarian lasagna (meaning all the yummy cheese and sauce – just no meat), or something else along those lines I’ll probably love you forever.
  14. I sometimes get yelled at for using big words, but then I think about the other people I spend my time with and realize that I feel like the least intellectual of the bunch. I spend a lot of time with engineers because of my dancing, and some of the few people I stayed in touch with from high school are currently chemists attending grad school.
  15. Today I felt extremely old when my friend brought it to my attention that the students she has for the summer camp at our honors college were only six when “Mean Girls” came out. And yes I tend to quote it – mostly the overdone ones such as, “I just have a lot of feelings, okay??” and “She doesn’t even go here!” I’ll be extremely disappointed if I get in touch with my kids and find out they don’t understand the cultural phenomenon either.

Oh, and here’s a bonus: My initials are ALF because my sister was an evil genius at five years old when she decided my name and was told that “ALF” was not an acceptable option.


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