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July 18, 2013 / Ang

I think my head is going to explode.

I’m not sure if it’s the headache or the amazing opportunity that just presented itself this afternoon. I got tired of being so lax about my treatment plan and decided that I didn’t care if the person who scheduled me for my appointment with Dr. Jaeger wasn’t as eager as I was to get my other appointments and any tests taken care of, that I was going to take charge again. So I called out to make sure I wasn’t going to somehow get in trouble with him for meeting with the other doctors that would likely become a part of what I’ve been referring to as “my care team,” and then promptly called the neuromuscular center.

I almost cried when I was on the phone with the woman from the neuromuscular center because she told me that she didn’t have any appointments for the 18th, the day that I’m seeing Dr. Jaeger, but she had one for the following Monday. It felt like such a waste to drive out to Cleveland two days so close together, and it would have cost so much money that I don’t have to find housing for the weekend. So I went into control freak mode: “Well if I can’t be seen the same day as the appointment I already have, can I be seen any sooner? Because quite frankly the sooner I can start getting everything taken care of the happier I’ll be.”

Here come the magic words: “What about August 6th?”

In less than three weeks I’ll be heading to Cleveland for what I’m guessing will be the first of many appointments, and I’ll be seeing Dr. Kara Browning, who specializes in syncope. I am ONE STEP CLOSER. In the mean time, I’ve taken to creating lists and being obsessive compulsive. There’s a list in a notebook next to me with the name of every doctor I need to see to sign release forms with the address and fax number of the specialist written down above them. Now I can take the notebook in with me, give the receptionists the information, sign the forms, demand a copy of my signed release form so that I can prove I’ve signed it should there be any problems (like I said, OCD), thank them from the bottom of my heart because I’m ridiculously grateful that everyone is helping to make this work for me, and go to the other offices. Unless I get in touch with the GI from Allegheny General as well I currently have a list of seven offices I need to go to tomorrow. I’m waiting to hear back from my UPMC doctors about how they want me to handle getting my records from them.

10 offices. I just realized that. That’s a little bit ridiculous, and that’s not even including my ENT. Oh well, such is life I suppose.

Oh, and have I mentioned that I am EXCITED??



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  1. Heather / Aug 21 2013 3:42 pm

    I am so sorry that you are struggling with your health. It is a terrible feeling to be so helpless. We have been trying to get some relief for my dad from some of his symptoms but the doctors either don’t listen or don’t care. I just got an appointment today for my dad with Dr. Kara Browning. We have not gotten any help from UPMC docs and he is in excruciating pain with autonomic neuropathy. How did it go with her? Was she able to help you? I’d appreciate any feedback you can give…thanks! Good luck with your treatment. Heather

    • Ang / Aug 21 2013 9:05 pm

      Heather – there’s a contact me page up at the top called, “Let’s Talk!” If you want to e-mail me I would be glad to talk to you about my experience in Cleveland. I also give a summary (to some extent) in my post “This is LONG overdue.” I’m not sure if that would be helpful enough.

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