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July 20, 2013 / Ang

Lesson Learned: Lists be Damned.

I’ll post something more later, after I get my creative juices going again, and probably after being ridiculously obsessive compulsive for a while. I want to feel in control of something again for a while. So I’m just going to organize things as efficiently as possible and then move on with my life haha.

For now: Today I learned that no matter how much I want to rock my to do list it may not go well if my body decides it hates me. Whether I want it to or not. I also learned a few other lessons. Lesson number two: If you’re going to have premonitory symptoms you should have them NOT at a doctor’s office so that you don’t end up at the ER for five hours. Lesson number three: If you are going to have them at a doctor’s office, the best one is probably the one that’s literally next door to the ER so that you can just get wheeled over, wheel yourself around in a chair and get good at it instead of being clumsy within the three hours sitting in the waiting room. You can get an IV easily then. Lesson four: You sometimes have to teach your doctors about illnesses – and it impresses them.

No, seriously, my doctor told me that I should be an MD because not becoming a doctor would be wasting my brain.


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