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July 20, 2013 / Ang

My Crazy Day (Yesterday)

Don’t ask me how, but I’m pretty sure that my kitten is responsible for the ridiculously early hour at which I originally woke up. He’s crazy. I named him Trouble because he seemed mischievous, but lately I’ve been thinking of him more along the lines of Kamikaze Kitten. He’ll pounce from the arm of the chair across the room to jump on me ALL THE TIME, but he seems to enjoy doing so even more in the middle of the night. And then, the few times he’ll chill out (unfortunately it seems to be when I would really prefer him lay somewhere else) it’s always on top of me. If I move, he tends to glare at me, but in the mean time he’s absolutely blissful. Here’s an example of his typical behaviors.


Once I was up at 4:30 in the morning, I was up. Until at least 7, that is. I probably could have survived the day but I was determined that there would be sleep again. I had a feeling that if I didn’t go back to sleep I would regret it. While I was awake I found something out, though, there was a standoff with an armed robber in the town I was supposed to be going to. It turns out that I didn’t need to worry about not being able to get to my medical records because the roads were blocked in a neighborhood I wouldn’t be anywhere near, but I wasn’t sure about the location at the time. So I woke up and went, “Seriously? I hope this ends (well) before I need to head over to the hospital and Ligonier Street….”

I finally fell back asleep, got an extra three hours of sleep (grand total: six hours), and woke up to have my allergist’s receptionist call to see if I would still be coming over to get my records and letting me know she had everything ready for me. The standoff wasn’t over. I decided to brave the heat anyway, though, because I wasn’t sure when I was going to have another opportunity to get over to the offices and get everything taken care of. My appointment is two weeks from Tuesday and I have A LOT of records that need to be reviewed, so I want to get them there fast haha.

When I got to the hospital after making my previous three stops and talking to the receptionists about what was going on, I saw people crowded around the tv in outpatient registration. The standoff still wasn’t over, and it looked like the SWAT team was headed in. Let’s re-cap. This was at noon. The standoff had been happening for oh, say, nineteen hours? And it turns out that one of the women who works in the office my cardiologist is at (I think on the diagnostics side not the cardio side) is married to one of the state policemen that was at the scene. Needless to say, everyone was glued to the news.

When I was signing my release form and getting a copy made I started feeling the syncope coming on even though I’d been attempting to stave it off at all of the other offices. So I told the woman who was helping me that I was going to sit down because I was seeing spots. I didn’t realize that it was going to turn my day on its head. I wound up laying down in one of the rooms until she heard back from the in-office cardiologist for the day, and his recommendation was that I either drive the 30-40 minutes home and see my PCP or get wheeled over to the ER. If I’m not even allowed to WALK to the ER, chances are he wasn’t really giving me the PCP option. So I guess it’s a good thing I said I would go ahead and be wheeled over.

I wound up sitting in the ER waiting room for almost three hours watching the news mostly. I got pretty decent at maneuvering my wheelchair too. Unfortunately, the standoff didn’t end well. State police were hurt, the man they were trying to apprehend (he robbed a pharmacy for oxy Thursday afternoon apparently) was killed. It’s sad, it’s unfortunate. I wish it hadn’t happened. But it definitely lent itself to part of a rather eventful day (that totally got in the way of my getting all of my records in one day – now I’m going to Greensburg on Monday to compensate for the total fail Friday).


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