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July 22, 2013 / Ang

Today’s Coping Mechanisms

I’ll explain some things later, but for now – let’s investigate the things that distract me, make me happy, or nearly bring me to tears with the occasional beauty of humanity.

This beautiful post nearly made me cry when I got home from running errands this afternoon. I saw it in my feed, opened it, and had to hold tears back as I scrolled through the list. I’m not sure if I’m just overly emotional today or if it’s just that amazing.

This list of reasons a guy is jealous of girls gave me the giggles. I just may have to respond with reasons women are envious of men at some point. Don’t let me forget!

I’m not extremely concerned with weight loss at the moment, but I thought that this list was interesting. When I get to have control over the foods that come into the house and the ways they’re stored I’ll have to keep them in mind. But for now, I’m still living with my parents – so I’ll just have to get into the habit of healthy eating without using the list. I’m going to continue to break their little rule about “fun water,” though – I know Propel may not be the healthiest option for gleaning electrolytes and vitamins, but it’s definitely been a helpful addition to my diet.

When it popped up in my feed with a snarky comment of, “Sorry, celiac is too mainstream for me,” I caught the giggles and clicked onto Little did I realize when I first clicked the sponsored link that I would soon be reading the entire thing. It turned out that the writer is also a POTS patient (and reading her blog is actually a lot of what made me decide it would be okay to have one). It’s not necessarily a distraction TODAY, but it is one of my go to distractions. I like to check in and see if there are any new posts that are either helpful or hilarious, and I actually have a response to one of her recent posts to write.

Remember how I mentioned being an auntie? Well my sister always tells me to like various things on facebook that are child-related so that I can enter contests, vote in contests, get coupons, etc and we can use whatever I get for my niece (and I think it will be happening with my nephew too). Well at some point in time I apparently liked Disney Baby, and I’m not sure why anymore, but I’m not about to unlike it. They post some of their blog posts to facebook sometimes, and they’re ADORABLE. I found Finding Magnolia through a post written by the same author about her children on the Disney Blog that I saw on facebook. I have to confess, I read the entire thing from start to finish. Within a few days. When the bulk of your day is spent “relaxing,” and you’re unemployed because no one seems to want to hire you (and they don’t even know about my doubts of my abilities to handle the job without dizziness!) – you end up with a lot of spare time on your hands. I think that this family’s story is amazing and I love the little updates on their family and the adorable things the kids are up to. My heart broke a little as I read it because I’ve been saying since I was in second grade that I was going to adopt and that was my education on how expensive and difficult the process can get, but I loved ever minute of reading anyway.

I also spend time reading ridiculous articles on Cracked, like this one about five world changing decisions made for ridiculous reasons. Cracked is a little bit like my personal crack – the articles are so addictive. A lot of the time they’re either hilarious or informative, or both – and they’re almost always written with that beautiful language called sarcasm. Buzzfeed falls into the same category as Cracked for me – ridiculously entertaining at all times, and usually linked to by friends on facebook. My most recent amusing discovery was about the absurd things yoga instructors say.

Oh, and the thing that completely turned my day around (okay, that’s a lie – but it did brighten it significantly before it DID get turned around entirely) – DINOSAUR EGG OATMEAL IS BACK. I know, ’90s kids – it was amazing. So it’s okay if you’re doing a little happy dance, jumping up and down, or wondering where you can find it for yourself. I bought my box (which I’m sure will delight my mother who has been nagging me to eat oatmeal every morning for ages) at Walmart. Seriously, join the party – so far 10 of my friends have liked my picture and excitement over the return of such a staple of my childhood. Now if only I could continue eating this oatmeal while watching that show about a family of dinosaurs with the baby that always said “I’m da baby gotta love me!” Then I would really be back in the ’90s.


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