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July 25, 2013 / Ang

Reviewing Medical Records is Educational.

No, seriously. I’ve got the house to myself right now and I’m organizing the copies of medical records that I have. Right now I’m going through my neurology records. I have learned that I have a narrow gait, that my reflexes are “brisk” at times, and that I’ve been reporting near syncope since at least my senior year of high school. I just didn’t know what it was called back then. The doctor also thought that I might have had a slight murmur but the doctors I’ve been seeing since made no remark about it. I’m wondering where my reports from when I was in college went though – because I know I was there between my senior year of high school and this year.

Oh, wait – there’s more. I have “a supple neck.” And I finally know the words for what they just called a venous abnormality that pops up in my MRIs – a left inferior frontal venous angioma.

Also: My neurologist clearly loved me. He talks about how I was friendly and smiled. But they also insist that I’m tiny, once claimed I looked frail, and were not afraid to say that I’m pale haha.


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