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July 26, 2013 / Ang

Lessons Learned

  1. Keep ridiculously good medical records for the rest of forever. And if/when I have children, I will keep those ridiculously good records for them. I’m at a stage where doctors are asking me to tell them what surgeries I’ve had, when I had them, etc. They’re asking if I’ve gotten all of my vaccines and when I got them. And you know what? I don’t have the slightest clue. I know I’ve had a lot of them but I don’t know when. I can’t tell you exactly how many surgeries I’ve had on my ears or when I had them. I can’t even tell you what year I had my tonsils and adnoids removed for sure – and I hate it. I feel inefficient. I’ve even (already) forgotten the names and doses of some of the medicines I’ve tried for treatment within the past six months. So from now on I’m going all out on making sure I write things down – the date I started a medication, the date I stopped taking it because it didn’t work, any side effects, etc. I feel like this way I might actually have the information I’m being asked for in the future. My maybe someday kids? I’ll have folders for them that have all of the important medical information – as much of the family history as I know, their immunization records, details on surgeries, bad reactions to medicines, etc. It might seem OCD – but it will help them to avoid a lot of stress someday down the road if they ever have health problems.
  2. Sometimes, doctors are dicks. I’m sure it’s not intentional – but is it really necessary to charge a patient $20 to get an EEG on a disc? It’s not like it costs that much to buy a CD. And I really don’t think that the cost of putting the test results on the disc should make up the difference.
  3. Getting films, records, etc from a variety of doctors in a short period of time is STRESSFUL. If you’re going to see a specialist and that specialist wants all of your records – give yourself more than two weeks to get it done in. You’ll appreciate the extra time that you have to pull things together instead of having an emotional breakdown from the stress as the time runs out.

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