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July 28, 2013 / Ang

Reasons to Love UPMC

  1. You can e-mail your doctor’s office. Seriously, I hate phone calls. I also hate talking at the moment because it hurts. Last night when I was getting sleepy I kept signing at my friends as I talked wishing that they understood so that I didn’t have to keep talking.
  2. You get your lab results online. I hate not knowing what my numbers are. It’s ridiculously difficult to have a conversation with a doctor about your health if you’re ignorant of something the doctor isn’t. For instance, “Your potassium is low.” Okay, how low? What’s the normal range and what’s my number? Oh, you think that because you consider me to be small I need to be keeping it even higher than the normal range dictates – gotcha. How do you feel about the fact that I’m at the high end of the chloride normal range?
  3. The doctors are smart. I’m going to go ahead and say “sometimes,” because sometimes they piss you off. “You went into hypotension but then regulated so clearly you don’t actually have the medical condition that your cardiologist says you do that has nothing to do with hypotension diagnostically speaking.” Not that I just paraphrased the anesthesiologist that got me frustrated Friday or anything, especially since I then turned around and had tachycardia while I was out. Oops. But for real – as much pain as I’m in right now, I know that I’m better off (even if I maybe have an abscess) than I would have been if I got the surgery done somewhere else. The surgery would have been much more invasive.

But – be careful of your nurses who don’t know where numbers should be and don’t tell you your actual numbers when you ask about these things. I was told that mine was “.4 high,” and then when I got the e-mail that amazed me because I didn’t realize I was going to get my lab report I saw that I’m not “.4 high,” I’m .5 above the bottom number in the normal range. Also known as: It’s normal. The woman got me nervous for nothing.


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