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July 30, 2013 / Ang

20 Signs You Might Be Spending Too Much Time On The Internet

According to this I do NOT spend too much time on the internet.

Thought Catalog

In defense of anyone who feels personally victimized by this list, there is no actual proof that such a thing as “too much time on the Internet” even exists. Right? RIGHT? Someone tell me that’s right, because the majority of these points essentially sum up my life.

1. You’ve experienced almost losing your mind because you had too many windows & tabs opened and couldn’t locate the obnoxious ad that kept playing in one of ‘em. It requires a Liam Neeson in Taken type aggression to search for, find and eliminate that pesky window.

2. Making a joke and hearing crickets does a number on your psyche, but it’s not nearly as emotionally taxing as zero likes on what you consider a clever status. Likes and retweets are basically the stuff your confidence is made of. 20+ Facebook likes can pole-vault you from Steve Urkel to Stefan Urquelle.

3. You…

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