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July 30, 2013 / Ang

So maybe I’m a little strange. When I got finished with my last post I was sitting here thinking, “Okay, time to move on to more important things.” And I was going to blog about whatever popped into my mind (it may have been responses to things I found amusing or something like that – who knows), starting with, “Now that we’ve got the life update/whiny post out of the way, let’s move on to more important things.” The reality is that whatever it was that I was considering to be more important isn’t really important in the least – it’s just not related to being sick. And to me that makes it better. I think that while consciously I know my health is important, when it comes to conversation/etc it’s easier to just talk about pretty much anything else. So, let’s move on.

I have a friend who posted this article by GQ on facebook earlier and it gave me the giggles. The author has such a delightful scathing tone at times, I love it. I mean, some of it seems a little extreme at times – such as the line about getting your au pair pregnant, but I think it made it all the funnier.

Someone had the same idea as I did about responding to “10 Moments As A Man That Make Me Envious of Women.” Her post is “13 Reasons I’m Jealous Of Men.” I’ll probably still write mine at some point just because my list differs. I mean, I can’t guarantee that her article is a response – it may be completely coincidental.

Oh, and there’s this list of things that happen when you leave college and join “the real world.” I was mildly entertained by it, but some of it is most definitely not applicable to my life. Maybe you have to be the cliche college student in order to relate to things like this sometimes.

So let’s talk about life. Seriously, give me something good to talk about.


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