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July 31, 2013 / Ang

Let’s talk about food.

I will be the first to admit that my diet is just a little bit terrible. One of the few meats that I consistently eat is chicken – I’m in love with it. But I also barely eat my vegetables. I have some excuses, though, and they’re great ones. “That one is too spicy, that one has too much fiber, that one just scares me because I’m a picky eater.”

I’ve been attempting to do better about my diet, lately. Sortof. I eat more often lately. I eat yogurt, oatmeal, etc. But this isn’t to address MY food habits. Maybe someday I’ll talk about those, but for now – let’s talk about finding a balanced diet in general.

My parents both have cholesterol issues and are both borderline diabetics (or have been told so at one point or another). I think my mom mostly has hers under control through diet at the moment. My stepdad’s diet is about to become a big mess though – foods that are good for him because they can keep his sugar down (proteins – especially red meats) are bad for his cholesterol. Foods that could be good for his cholesterol might be bad for his sugar. This is going to turn into a fiasco. Seriously.

I might start doing research about the diets to find a good eating pattern for him. I’ll probably be figuring out how his diet (which my mom should be following) and my diet intertwine. Here’s to exploring.

Oh, and, um – I’m sorry that my post isn’t a little more coherent or expansive. I’ve been really spacey lately. I think it might be the pain medicine, but that should be just about worn off so maybe it’s actually just brain fog.


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