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July 31, 2013 / Ang

There’s a reason his name is Trouble.

Do you remember that I mentioned having a kitten? His name is Trouble, but he’s on his way to the nickname of Kamikaze Kitten because he likes to leap across the room?  Super cute? Maybe a picture will jog your memory.


Well, there is a definite reason for his name. He proved it today.

He ran outside last night when I went out to make a phone call (my house is a blackhole for service). We tried calling for him and checking the backdoor to see if he was ready or waiting to come back inside, but no dice. Apparently my stepdad even went out looking for him earlier today and didn’t see him anywhere.

Well, we found him. Or rather, my mom did. And I have a feeling that you could never guess where.

Are you ready for this?

He was on the roof. I have NO clue how he got up there in all honesty. Terry says he thinks the kitten must have climbed a tree avoiding either one of the neighborhood cats or our dog. But the kitten was ON THE ROOF. We’re not even sure for how long, just that my mom found him there not too long ago.

He’s down now. In fact, he is currently laying on top of me – I think napping. He hasn’t really been okay with me being out of his sight since coming in. He might be rethinking this outdoors cat business he’s been so set on lately.


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