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August 2, 2013 / Ang

Blog Changes

I realized that while I do post about my medical misadventures, I keep trying to talk about other things too. Sometimes these “little talks” like the little talk about life we had yesterday, involves a medical aspect. After all, I was talking (read: ranting) about invisible illness. But I also talked about my views on education (namely homeschooling responsibilities), music, life, and love.

When I’m trying so hard to establish myself as “more than just a patient” it seems silly to have a blog titled, “Medical Misadventures.” It was a cute title, I’ll give it that – mainly because I’m a huge fan of alliteration, but it wasn’t the direction I wanted to go with things.

I figured that while I was changing the title I may as well try to give it an overall makeover. I’m still in the process I think. There are some pages that I want to add. I think change is good. At some point in time (probably tomorrow) I’ll try to regather my thoughts and inspiration to write a blog about change. I also had one I wanted to write about success, which is tangentially connected to life transitions. We’ll see if I can keep my brain together enough for it.



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