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August 2, 2013 / Ang

The Importance of Sleep

I have other things to talk about, believe me. I remember that I told you last night that I would talk about success, that I would talk about change. And this morning I read a blog post that set me off – it’s something that needs to be addressed. It’s something that WILL be addressed. But for now: sleep.

I have some weird sleeping habits, and I’m willing to admit to them. Lately it’s been a struggle to fall asleep before 4 AM, so I sleep until about 10 and then move on with my life. I have to admit that this week “moving on with my life” involves killing time on the internet, getting distracted by thought catalog posts, either watching or ignoring whatever my stepdad has on tv at the moment, and trying to remember to eat and hydrate. The latter hasn’t been the easiest task in the world. Until yesterday I declared “real food” off the table. In this case “real food” qualifies as anything that requires chewing and isn’t noodles. When I attempted to keep up with this eating multiple meals despite never being hungry thing I was feasting on my dinosaur oatmeal, I’m so glad I bought that last week.

I haven’t been napping as much lately, and it’s odd haha. You would think taking medicines that have stickers on them saying “MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS” that I would be napping more than usual, right? Wrong. Apparently I’m just a freak.

I decided that with the exception of last night because I couldn’t handle the pain, that I was done with pain medicine though. I wanted to be able to drive today. I suppose technically I could have driven today, I wasn’t on any pain medicine, but I was asleep pretty much all day. So, uh, yeah – driving didn’t happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an advocate of sleep all day. It honestly irritates me to no end that I don’t get more done with my life. But sometimes you can’t help but cave to the need for sleep. Today was one of those days. I think originally it was just that I didn’t quite feel like being awake, but I wound up sleeping WAY more than I meant to. I fell back asleep for close to three hours after waking up this morning, fell back asleep after being awake for a couple of hours and eating, and kept bouncing back and forth between sleep. Right now I’ve been awake for about three hours and I’m still oh so sleepy.

The thing about sleep is: sometimes you need it. I wish I had gone over to the hospitals to pick up the discs from my echos, yes, but I know that if this is how my body is reacting at the moment there’s no way I could have handled running errands today. And so: I sleep. And sleep. And sleep. Here’s a secret: I might even sleep before 4 AM tonight too.

If for whatever reason you just can’t wake up, your body might be trying to send you a little memo. It probably reads: HI. I’m drained. Play nicely, don’t be busy. At that point in time, you probably ought to sleep. Your body deserves it. There’s also always the risk factor if you don’t listen to it – like how I’m pretty sure that if I had tried to run errands today I would have run the risk of falling asleep behind the wheel or collapsing somewhere again.

I admit it sucks a little when being responsible about exhaustion prevents you from even remembering that you could have spent time with friends tonight, and from spending time doing something you love with people you enjoy. Especially when it results in friends being concerned about you. Oops.

Moral of the story: NAP BEFORE YOU HIT THIS POINT. Maybe then you can see friends.


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