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August 23, 2013 / Ang

Just a little late night grumbling.

Sorry guys, too thoroughly exhausted to post anything in-depth. I’ve been in this sleepy not quite connecting brain fog since I woke up 3 hours ago.

Anyway, one of the reasons I got excited at the Cleveland Clinic was the mychart thing. I thought it was AWESOME that I would be able to use the internet to see my test results. I get flustered when I can’t see my results, honestly. I want to know my numbers and know what’s up. Usually at my doctor’s office (because we’re small-town and technology works for the doctors but they aren’t extending it to the patients) we have to wait for the little note cards in the mail that claim we’re normal and leave it at that.

That’s great. I guess. I like having concrete numbers and knowing where I lie in the normal range. Do I need to keep an eye on levels that might fall if I’m not vigilant (read: potassium – that stubborn thing)? Or am I almost high? How do these numbers compare to past numbers? With someone like me I feel like numbers are all over the place. Seriously – I have what I call “Angela fevers” because my usual body temperature is at least a full degree lower than “the average” so if I’m reading “normal” it’s high for me. It would be nice to observe trends, though. How do the numbers when I’m feeling really symptomatic compare to other numbers? Alas – that can’t happen with my doctors. Although I suppose that if I started asking for copies of my labs it might…

Anyway, I got blood work done for Cleveland a week ago (for the most part). Some of the labs happened earlier this week instead. But here’s the disappointing thing: Although my information was supposed to be sent to Cleveland my lab results aren’t in the chart yet. I feel like I’m going to be randomly checking in going “ARE THEY HERE YET?” There’s actually a part of me that wants to make sure that Cleveland got my information in the first place. If they’re not up by this time next week (which will be about two weeks since I got the blood drawn) I guess I’m calling.


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