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September 12, 2013 / Ang


Sometimes I get so caught up in meeting my medical needs that I forget that it’s okay to be a real live 22-year-old girl with real non-essential “needs.” It’s okay to almost wish I had a relationship despite the fact that underneath it all I don’t want to cope with one at the moment, and to want to have a familiar face around for conversation and comfort. And it’s okay to want more.

It’s also okay to make the claim that I “need” a teleportation device because after Christmas if all goes well the scatter plot of my closer friends will be as follows: Troy in Sarasota, Florida; Sam at Michigan State University; Maria at Clemson University;  Jarhed in Concord, New Hampshire; and Jake in Mansfield, Pennsylvania. I really REALLY wish that I had a way of just magically getting to Mansfield for like no money whatsoever sometimes. It would make my life so much better. Because, I mean, really – having a best friend the whole way across the state makes for much less intimate late night talks and adventures. There’s nothing better than wandering a town at night and just talking, or finding a good place to lounge and relax and stay up all night. Besides which, if I could get to Mansfield I would be that much closer to New Hampshire. The past several years have allowed me to come to terms with my other friends being at a distance although with the exception of Troy these are new locations. Losing my jar head, though, that I couldn’t handle. I’m going to be so sad.

This brings me to another “need.” I NEED new friends. And if any of them happen to be attractive heterosexual men living nearby (within a reasonable age range) they get brownie points. I suppose gay men can try – but they had better realize they will never replace my favorite. Additionally, I really need close female friends. I’ve just gone through the backstabbing and distant phases with most of the ones I have had so I’m a little more wary of female friends.

Dear new friends – please feel free to make an effort. If you’re a bitch and not in a delightful (perhaps queeny) way, however, you need not apply for the position of new (hopefully one day close) friend.


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  1. Ashlee Mae / Sep 12 2013 10:47 pm

    I know what you mean about wanting a relationship. I really want the flowers and surprises and late night talks and comfort and having someone who could possibly be the “one” to lean on for comfort and support and just a simple reminder that I’m not alone….. (yeah, you probably get the yearning I feel by now 😛 ) But I’m also really happy to be single for the moment. I’ve certainly made some interesting mistakes that I need to come to terms with so I don’t repeat them. As for new friends….I like to think that we are heading that way 🙂 I do consider you to be a friend 🙂

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