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September 19, 2013 / Ang

Metropolol and Music

So my doctor terrified me the other day by making the comment that, “If your heart keeps beating like this it’s going to wear itself out,” and putting me on metropolol. For the past 8 months or so we’ve been avoiding beta blockers at all costs and he decided that he wants to put me on it after all.

I didn’t want to be depressing, though, so I want to share music. I’m just a little sleepy, though, so I’ll update with epic music tomorrow. And by “epic music” I mean the music that I’ve been hearing at dance and loving lately.

Update: I’m not sure if it’s “working,” but I was told I may have to titrate upward and it was only my first date.

Now, I decided I don’t want to go through putting song after song up. So I’ll just tell you some artists to check out because they make me happy.

  1. Sam Tsui
  2. Alex Clare
  3. Grieves
  4. Ernie Halter
  5. One Republic
  6. Labrinth
  7. Daft Punk
  8. Oh, and the Avicii song that’s out on the radio right now, “Wake Me Up.” I forget who does the vocals but they’re beautiful. I will gladly hear that voice more often.
  9. Reality Changers on youtube. The little girl is adorable so the lack of technical training is totally okay.

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