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September 22, 2013 / Ang

The Best Weekends Involve Pumpkin, Reminiscing, Rebellion, and “Road Trips.”

Seriously. Break a few unimportant rules such as going dancing even though it makes you a little nervous after your doctor’s sentiment about wearing your heart out. Have some caffeine despite ordinarily avoiding it like a plague.

Last night I drove to Pittsburgh. In Pittsburgh I went out dancing. And I had fun even though I was EXHAUSTED. It led to eventually getting some energy. Energy waves that I didn’t quite ride out well enough. We went out to eat at Eat n Park after dancing. We saw someone we started referring to as the Peruvian Troubador. He was walking up and down Murray Avenue playing his ukelele wearing a hat that looked Peruvian and a poncho. I also got to eat some pumpkin cream pie. Oh my gosh. If you don’t understand how amazing this is you HAVE to try it. Omnomnomnom. We didn’t even stay there as late as usual because my friend was getting tired.

On the drive home I started feeling tired. I tried to buy some coffee to wake me up. It was going to be a part of my huge rebellion. The other part of this huge rebellion was staying up “past my bedtime” and taking my beta blocker a couple hours late. Newsflash: Sheetz Harvest Spice is NOT the yummiest pumpkin coffee drink ever. It was also way too hot for me to do anything other than sip at, so I had to make it home without the caffeine to prop me up. I have learned my lesson – never buy coffee from the cappucino machine in Murrysville and assume that it will actually be drinkable in time to aid wakefulness on the way home. From now on I stick to buying SMALL decaf coffee with lots of vanilla creamer – that might have actually been useful. (Or if I just really want a pumpkin coffee drink I do the stereotypical suburban white girl bit with a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte. Sorry not sorry.)

This morning I woke up and decided that it would be amazing to have some chai. I grabbed my travel mug that I hadn’t touched yet, washed it, and made myself chai. With milk. My canister of tea says to make it with water – I’m such a rebel. Seriously, though, it was so yummy and definitely worth looking like an idiot. I was sitting there looking in my cupboards wondering where on earth my tea was, turned around, and realized that I had my tea sitting on the counter. Oops? I guess that’s classic brain fog for you. Did I mention that I might have been JUST A LITTLE bit tired? So I broke the rules and I had caffeine. I’m telling you there are two things worth breaking the caffeine abstinence for – vanilla chai and pumpkin spice lattes. I might be a terrible person and start breaking the rules more often to indulge in my chai, especially with it being sweater weather now. Mmmm chai. Totally worth it. I might cave and start buying the decaf kind if I can find it – or start ordering it online. But for now I still have almost an entire canister to use. And I’ll have more than one serving of it BECAUSE I SAID SO. My travel mug holds two. 🙂


Post chai-making my travel mug and I went out and hopped in the backseat for the mini-road trip to Johnstown where my sister was having a “sprinkle.” She’s pregnant and having my nephew in October. It meant that my niece and I got to have some Ducky and Auntie time, though. Pretty much as soon as I got there she demanded that I sit down with her and watch videos on her nabi. We sat next to each other on the couch and had some quality cuddles that even came along with a “selfie.” She is such a sassy little ham. I love her. Sweater weather and niece cuddles – I’m not sure the morning could have gotten any better. Then we went outside and joined everyone else to be a part of the “barbecue.” We ate food from the grill and jello jigglers and “helped Mommy open presents.” My niece’s role became playing with her toddler camera and taking pictures of everyone at the party saying, “SAY CHEESE” and taking pictures as my sister opened the presents.

Oh, and, to make the weekend even better – yesterday morning I went on a cleaning spree. I found notes that a friend of mine wrote for “in my lunch” because I was working for a retired professor and basically didn’t have time to eat between classes and going to work. The job was sapping me of energy and empathy. Seriously, it was slowly killing me on the inside. So he wrote me notes and some of them make me laugh – I only took pictures of two of them but I’m pretty sure I have about 30 of them. One of them was a kick me sign that told me to use it for hours of amusement on the one side. This friendship is a beautiful thing haha. It was then, it is now. And he might kill me for sharing these but they’re some of my favorites. This kid had better stay my best friend for a long time or I’ll be really sad.

PS. The formatting sucks. I can’t figure out how to fit these awesome pictures of mine into the actual text without it looking like crap. So you’ll have to bear with me. Enjoy pictures of my morning and my notes.




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