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October 9, 2013 / Ang

Insurance Debates: My Guilty Pleasure

I know, I know: I have tons of other blogs that are way more relevant, in-depth, and wonderful to write/post.

But, um, I just haven’t felt like it? It takes some inspiration and dedication to write a lengthy post with meaning. And I’ve been too tired or distracted to take such a task on lately. Sorry (not all that sorry). Being amused by friends seems like such a better option sometimes.

Anyway, for anyone who hasn’t figured this out already: I live in Pennsylvania.

There are SO MANY PEOPLE who are highly opinionated on many different political matters right now. There are people opinionated about the shutdown in general, but it feels like feelings about “Obamacare” are leaking through everywhere. Sometimes I enjoy watching people who have educated themselves about things such as how health insurance works and more specifically how the Affordable Healthcare Act works attempt to educate those who are ignorant of these things and choose to simply spew propaganda about how it’s a socialist program (it’s not).

I’m going to attempt to refrain from going into too much detail about my views because I feel badly for forcing those who may disagree to read them, and also because I don’t feel like getting involved in the debates. I usually just allow myself to enjoy watching them unfold because I don’t want to get all riled up and involved in “the argument” myself – especially because the one time I allowed myself to try to speak to someone about the benefits recently I was called ignorant on the sole basis of my age. “You young people just don’t understand.”

Here’s my brief overview:

  1. The healthcare exchanges are actually encouraging capitalism. The insurance companies are in competition with one another for business which is ultimately driving prices down in several locations. When I have the energy to do so I’ll go find the article that I’m loosely citing (it discussed healthcare cost in California if you feel like doing my research for me). And there’s also just the understanding of capitalism/free market and putting it to use…..
  2. It’s inexcusable to accuse someone of being ignorant based on age – I happen to be rather educated and tend to do my research on matters before trying to get involved in a real discussion of the matter. Please don’t accuse me of ignorance when you don’t know anything about me.
  3. I’m one of the people who benefits from “Obamacare.” My health insurance coverage has been extended until I’m 26 (thank goodness the insurance company jumped the gun and extended my coverage the way it would ultimately need to when I’m 25 when the legislation was first passed). If my insurance company hadn’t done that I would basically be up a certain creek without a paddle. When I first entered college my insurance benefits were dependent upon my enrollment in school and would expire when I turned 22. Right around my 22nd birthday I developed POTS (or at least more noticeably) and had to withdraw from school because the symptoms became too much to handle while student teaching. Even before the POTS diagnosis I would have likely been denied coverage with another insurance company because of pre-existing conditions: chronic ovarian cysts, chronic colitis, migraines, and GERD.
  4. I have been working my tail off trying to be normal and stayed at my student teaching placement until my supervisor suggested that she didn’t think I could handle my next placement and as a result didn’t want to send me there for my own safety and the safety of my students. Again: don’t make assumptions about the people who want this to go through and on time. I don’t plan to freeload, I’m actually begging my doctors to find a better method of symptom management because I can’t handle my fatigue and don’t want it to lead to being on disability at such a young age. I still want a fulfilling career – not to give up on that part of my life at such a young age.
  5. I have a low tolerance for actually participating in debate lately so if you try to comment on here to debate the matter with me chances are I’m going to ignore or delete the comment. Sorry not sorry – I can’t afford to stress myself out in a debate that likely won’t change either participant’s opinion.

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