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October 9, 2013 / Ang

Weight Loss Ads

They drive me crazy. Beyond crazy even.

First and foremost they get to me as a trigger of sorts at times. I see them and I’m just like “Wow, I wish my body would cooperate and allow me to get small. Instead of losing weight I’m gaining weight. At least it might be because I’m gaining muscle mass. Maybe.” It kills me to see all of these ads, commercials, etc that seem to imply that all it will take to feel better about ourselves is to be smaller. Because, quite frankly, I know that’s a dangerous mindset. You get even close to your goal weight and automatically reach for an even lower goal weight because “Well if I feel this way at this weight maybe I need to be even smaller.” I’m 5’5″ and curvy to the point that instead of losing a cup size the way many girls do when they lose weight I went UP a cup size – and I used to strive to weigh 100 lbs. I’m not sure what I want to weigh anymore and that’s probably a good thing – I’m less focused on the number itself (at least for now) and more with the way I hope to look, lean and thin and HEALTHY. If that happens to involve gaining weight as I lose fat and gain muscle I guess I’ll just have to suck it up.

I keep seeing ads on facebook, especially, about weight loss. I assume it’s because I have memberships to endomondo and myfitnesspal so that I can try to meet my eating goals (nearly impossible by the way) and track my exercise. These ads I keep seeing drive me nuts, though, and here’s why: “EXPOSED: How Women in their 20’s are Burning Belly Fat & Getting High School Skinny. No Exercise or Special Diet Required.” There was also one where they had a picture of a woman labeled with various weights and I swear to you they HAD to have mislabeled because she went from still being visibly overweight at 152 to being incredibly tiny in every way at 139. Sorry, I know for a fact that that didn’t just happen. You do not go from being visibly overweight to a size two in 13 lbs.

We need to be realistic. And these ads need to stop with what really seems like unethical false advertising to me. You do not just magically get skinny without exercise and diet changes unless something goes horribly wrong. Some people, unfortunately not me, have lost a lot of weight since getting sick. Nope. I stayed the same. Maybe even gained – definitely gained since starting to exercise pretty much every day. I work out in some capacity at least four days a week (usually more if possible). Or, if you’re doing something a bit illegal: Like meth. I’ll believe that you lost all that weight and didn’t start following a diet or exercising if you’re on drugs – but even then, not really. Because you might not have chosen to stop eating as much but probably did so because of the insane things going on in your body. And that’s not healthy anyway. (Legit: My sister has this theory that Sensa is meth. I have this theory that since it claims to change the scents of your food it would make me want to puke and I’d rather just diet the old-fashioned self-control way than by “tricking my body” like it claims to.)

I honestly don’t believe it’s possible in the least that these women are suddenly “high school skinny” (whatever that means) and didn’t alter the way they were eating or exercising. Oh, and I especially don’t believe it when the picture accompanying that statement shows women with six pack abs. Sorry, hun, I work my abs all the time and have for over a month and my abs don’t look like that (I do have cortisol belly fat though I think) – there’s no way yours look like that and you didn’t do a thing.

Can we somehow make these awful companies knock it off and start being real? Where is the reality check button?


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