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November 7, 2013 / Ang

Small Things

So I know I’ve been posting about some of the hard things going on in life a lot lately. It’s easy to get caught up in venting about all of the rotten stuff – although I did tell you guys that I didn’t feel like sharing my vent the other night because I was excited about friends I got to skype with.

Tonight? Here are the tiny things that have been making me happy.

  1. Pictures of and snuggling with my niece and nephew. They’re adorable and wonderful. I just haven’t seen them in almost a week!
  2. Doing small things for other people. I bought a bag of Halloween candy that I’m going to run around with to feed my friends because they’re delightful and it makes me giddy. The original plan was to do this in costume, but that didn’t exactly happen.
  3. Late night trips to the diner and Walmart with my best friend. He’s amazing.
  4. Cardiac rehab is easy – I should be glad that it’s not making me feel like crap.
  5. My eyes are doing the cool gray chameleon thing lately. Depending on what color I’m wearing they may look a slightly different color (today they’re greenish!).
  6. Ridiculous conversations about anything and everything. Last night I had one with my best friend about the benefits of preschool for children.

I’m sure there are other things I’m just spacing out on some of them. I’ll update again later. For now? Running away to hopefully enjoy friends.


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