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November 10, 2013 / Ang

New Food?

MONTHS ago I brought up the idea of rice noodles to my mom. I know that they’re not “necessary” for me because I tolerate gluten very well. In fact, I would cry if I didn’t. One of my friends is diabetic, though, and he and his girlfriend have been eating rice noodles because apparently they’re healthier for you in general, and they’re especially healthier for his sugar. So, we talked about having them together someday. We’ll cook together and it will be glorious because we can compensate for our dietary needs without worries.

Today, my mom was watching some tv show called Guy’s Grocery Games or something like that. Someone on the show used rice noodles making stir fry for one of the “events,” and went, “I’d like to try those someday.” Apparently all it takes for her to actually contemplate a food that has already been brought to her attention is to see it on tv. Get this, she even wants to try it as part of stir-fry. I’m kind of hoping that means that I can talk my way into a wok. Yummm… I don’t ordinarily do stir-fry but I would love to find new recipes to give it a shot. And I’m practically salivating at the option for some reason. Soy and teriyaki sauces would be good for me I think, although less beneficial for my parents… But the vegetables that they can eat with theirs and grilled meats instead of fattier foods might make a difference. Maybe I can even find a low sodium sauce for them somewhere. Who knows.

I just think it’s cute that all it took was seeing it on a tv show. Maybe if I’m lucky she’ll start seeing other healthier foods on these shows and decide she wants to give them a shot.

In the meantime, if you happen to have any great stir-fry recipes (particularly that are low fiber and have no citrus) that you would like to share, please feel free! I’m adventuring through the land of google as we speak.


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