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November 14, 2013 / Ang

If I haven’t slept yet is it still Wednesday?

Okay, that’s a half-truth.. I slept, just not for the night. I crashed this evening and took a long nap but it hasn’t been bedtime yet. The title is a running joke/debate, especially among college students to my knowledge. Now I’m curious as to if it counts or not in the eyes of my readers haha.

I was considering a more in-depth post when it was still Wednesday by merit of being prior to midnight rather than by merit of my not sleeping. But now instead I’m posting from my phone again and writing another excuse (while watching “The Doctor’s Daughter”).

Fun fact: The woman who plays the title role is actually the wife David Tennant (the Doctor in this episode). Additionally, she’s the daughter of an actor who previously played the role of the Doctor.

Sometimes trivia is fun. I’m not even sure where I picked those pieces up honestly. Maybe from my brother-in-law.

I went off on an epic adventure with my best friend for a while tonight. I did cardiac rehab (remind me to talk about that at some point), and I continued to work on my friend’s scarf. In case you cared.

Things I want to remember to write worthwhile posts about are:
1. Gratitude (pertaining to Thanksgiving month posts)
2. Cynicism? Maybe? It may tie in..
3. Service
4. Maybe my sleep study tomorrow?
5. Finding boredom busters? Maybe? I need to work on that..


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