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November 21, 2013 / Ang

Sleep Dilemmas

I’m tired a LOT of the time. Sometimes I make it through the day without a nap despite how tired I am, and I tend to do a little happy dance on those days – even if it comes at the cost of cognitive clarity sometimes. I’ll admit that I get spacy and don’t really focus on things sometimes on those days. Because I’m nearly always fatigued we did a sleep study.

Here’s the thing: No narcolepsy. No apnea. This is good, right? YES.

Except I kind of wanted an answer. I’m really curious about the fact that I’ve been told that I never had REM sleep while there, though. I’m apparently supposed to do a follow up with the sleep doctor to go over the results, so I’ll talk to her about that and see if the lack of REM sleep could contribute to not feeling well rested.

If I had the energy I would probably find a paper that a friend posted regarding sleep studies done on POTS patients. I think it said something about the alpha waves maybe? I may need to read this and see if there’s a link between my lack of REM and the dysautonomia or if I’m just a weird person. All I know at the moment is: Sleep is good. I like sleep. REM sleep is supposed to be even better. I’d like to try that out.


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