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About Me

There’s that fun little blurb, but let’s face it – I was trying to be brief and cute. So let’s take this opportunity to learn more about me without that pressure.

HI! I’m Angela.

I have all of these harebrained schemes about life sometimes. One of my go to answers when people ask what I want to do with my life is that I’m going to become a gypsy. Allow me to clarify: I don’t plan on putting down roots, instead I’ll bounce around from place to place. I also have this potentially unlikely plan to go back to school after getting my undergraduate degree. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll get these other degrees in at the moment, but I plan on getting a Masters and a PhD.  I joke about moving to Toronto with my best friend all the time too. Did I mention that my other answer is “Change the world”? Let’s keep it short and sweet. Changing the world is the one that I’m working on the most. I try to make a difference through volunteer work.

In terms of more realistic dreams: I want to become a teacher. At least I think I do – my major at school is deaf education. I’m taking a break at the moment, though, and may decide to make some changes in my time away. I also want to live in a city – right now I’m thinking Pittsburgh or NYC. If I were to run away to a warmer climate I’m not sure where I would end up, yet. Maybe California.

I’m a bit of a nerd, and I tend to think I’m way funnier than I am in reality. I’m mostly sarcastic, and I have to admit that I do have somewhat of a dark sense of humor at times. In my spare time I do research, I write this blog, I crochet, I dance, and I nap. I have a super cute kitten who is an utter cliche when it comes to mischief – I call him Trouble. I watch Disney – and I’m not afraid to admit it. I occasionally make the excuse of, “Well I have a niece” to justify watching children’s shows but the reality of the situation is I might watch them anyway. I do watch them without her. I get excitable sometimes.

Oh, and I have a medical condition known as POTS. I could tell you the full name but the acronym is so much more fun. I also have syncope, migraines, insomnia, colitis, and reflux. I’m in the process of finding out if there’s secretly an underlying condition causing all of these problems and the problems that come along with them, such as fatigue. Seriously – I’m not a child, I’m not in college, and I nap. It’s because of fatigue. If you DO want to learn more, get in touch. We’ll talk. It will be awesome, like me.


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