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Remember that one time where I called myself clever? Yeah, I still think I’m hilarious. And my best friend says that I’m a howl. This means that when the two of us are together there are bound to be inappropriate and hilarious things said – sometimes regarding me or my health. Actually, it happens with other people too – just more with him (and sadly we always forget them by the time I get home).

Observe. And be prepared for updates.

  • Mine
  1. It feels like there’s a balloon being blown up in my brain.
  2. Take it with a grain of salt – or if you’re like me, an entire tablet of it.
  3. I’m a salty bitch.
  4. Hey now – I’m the dizzy blonde in this situation.
  5. I’m just salty.
  6. I wonder if we could just manipulate one of the area cardiologists into becoming a POTS specialist. Just overwhelm him with dysautonomia patients and BAM! He’s educated and takes care of us. “Hi, we’re here to determine your career path by giving you a specialty,” and “Here’s your real guinea pig, here we are to be your guinea pigs.”
  • Others’
  1. Your heart is just three sizes too big.
  2. In Westieville they say, “Angela’s heart grew three sizes that day.”
  3. If you can’t get your palpitations under control and they keep making your boobs shake you can just join the circus. All you’ll have to do is lay there. They’ll call you (some clever name that had something to do with my relatively big boobs and how sometimes when my heart is pounding hard enough they shake). [My beloved Jarhed]
  4. oh you bet your sweet control toped ass I will be. [The beautiful Shandra]
  5. DBB with DBA, Digestive Disorder Buddies with Downbeat Awareness

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